The CORE team

We are a group of Evidence-Based Medicine Ob/Gyn enthusiasts who love education and think that the more you know, the better care you can offer patients!

It started one day while we were trolling the internet in our free time (post-residency…). We had grand ideas for a website that was a compilation of all of resources we had come across during residency and, lo and behold, we found the ObG Project. We emailed them right away and teamed up to create a site dedicated to residents. Why? Well… because sometimes you just need to know the basics of HOW to administer magnesium sulfate and WHEN before you can dive into the intricacies of the Magpie trial (which we heartily recommend at some point). From there, the Residents’ CORE was born – a Comprehensive ObGyn’s Resource for Education. Brought to life via the ObG Project team and a dedicated team of medical education enthusiasts.

We want your help. Are you excited about this? Does this seem right up your alley? Email us at: in order to sign up. We are looking for motivated individuals to help us curate content, develop new content, and keep old things fresh.

In short, the “About Us” is really “About You”!

We would like to give a big special shout-out thank you to those individuals who made significant contributions to helping us with this project, in alphabetical order:

Nicholas Burns, MD – Fellow, Maternal Fetal Medicine at the University of Washington @RNBTXMD

Fei Cai, MD – Fellow, Maternal Fetal Medicine at University of Pennsylvania @Captainfakeeye

Carolyn Chatterton, DO – PGY4 at Good Samaritan Hospital Medical Center in New York 

Ashley Comfort, MD – Assistant Professor at Boston University and Boston Medical Center @dr_comfy

Colleen Denny, MD – Assistant Professor at New York University and NYC HHC Bellevue Hospital

Jennifer McEachron, DO – Fellow, Gyn Oncology at SUNY Downstate