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Welcome to The [free!] CORE

Comprehensive Ob/Gyn Resources for Education

Did we mention… free?

We know that residency is busy. The sheer amount of information, and where to find it, can be overwhelming.  That is where the CORE comes in – a compiled list of our favorite resources that is free and easily accessible. And… it comes with a free subscription to ObGFirst® (includes notifications of new ACOG and SMFM guidelines, key research summaries, a 2nd-trimester ultrasound atlas, and more), plus the ObG L&D™ eBook (includes key clinical summaries of what you need to know on L&D and Gyn ED) – a combined value of $198/year!

Why? Because we wish we had something like this when we were in residency!

Merriam-Webster defines “Core” as:

2a: a basic, essential, or enduring part (as of an individual, a class, or an entity); the staff had a core of experts or the core of her beliefs

b: the essential meaning : GIST; the core of the argument

c: the inmost or most intimate part; honest to the core

At the CORE, we think that having a solid foundation is essential to providing essential and exceptional patient care!  Here, you will find an always evolving, flexible, and (hopefully) comprehensive website made by residents and (recently) former residents, dedicated to distilling the essential parts of learning for any resident taking care of pregnant women.

This website was created because during residency, we spent hours trolling different websites, the back pages of ACOG, and each individual society website to try and glean as many tips as possible.  We wished that there was a comprehensive site where it wasn’t so hard to find information and continue learning.

We strive to create a resident-based website to serve the learning and educational goals of current residents.  We are open to feedback (like true millennials – we LOVE feedback!) and want to invite you all to actively participate.  Welcome all and happy learning!

Want access to our treasure trove? Want to add to our collection?

It’s free for residents as part of our pledge to educate the next generation!

Happy Learning!

The Core Team | Aka Medical Education Enthusiasts

*Disclaimer: this list is not exhaustive and suffers from our selection bias of favorite resources.

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