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Confirmed Consent

At ObG Office™, we keep our eye out for services that make our professional lives a little easier – especially products that have been created or supported by our peers.

Confirmed Consent – an online consenting program

  • Dr. Sina Haeri, FACOG, a practicing OBGYN, developed Confirmed Consent in collaboration with a psychologist and an attorney, to address the need of physicians
  • Uses an online proprietary algorithm that combines best practices in both consenting and psychometric testing 
  • Streamlines your practice and provides clear documentation

How Does Confirmed Consent Work?

  • The physician
    • Records a video providing the key elements of a specific procedure
  • The patient
    • Watches the video as many times as necessary
  • The algorithm
    • Not only delivers the medical informed consent material but helps confirm that the patient understands the consent material

What do Physicians Have to Say?

Dr. Devin Garza, GYN Surgeon

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