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ObG Advisor – FAQs


The purpose of these panels is to provide companies trying to meet healthcare needs with industry-specific insights that can only come from experienced practitioners. This is where your knowledge and expertise come in

Types of panels

What are they, How they work, How long they take

1 on 1 conversations

Insert description


Description goes here

Online group

Description here

Live webinar


How to participate in a panel:

  • When you are invited to participate in a panel, you will receive an email outlining the project and giving you the necessary links and user id so you can log in.
  • The email will also give active dates for the project: when it will start and when it must be completed.
  • If you cannot participate in a panel for which you have been selected, please contact us here XX
  • User ID:
    • Once chosen, you will get a unique user ID for each project. The ID will be in your email.
  • Accessing a panel:
    • Please log in using the link sent in the email, and your user ID
    • You will be given the name of company commissioning the panel, and the topic, and asked to confirm that you have no conflict of interest, before proceeding.
  • During a panel:
    • If you are unable to log in or access the panel please contact us here:
    • We will get back to you promptly.
    • If you have questions about materials, discussion, or anything else during the panel please contact us here:
  • Getting paid:
    • Once a panel is finished/your participation is complete, you can expect to receive payment within X days.
    • (how that will happen, once a method is selected.)
    • If your payment information changes, please contact us here XX
    • (what if someone starts but doesn’t finish a panel for any reason? )

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